About Us

Gravity Click Marketing Management is an Agency specialized in Digital Marketing Solutions, we provide to our clients 360 degrees solution from Case Study to the Lead or Client Purchase level. 

With more than 8 years experienced team in Dubai and UAE market, we found that best way to deal with our clients is being a partner with them, We have offered our clients an Exposed Cost that they can pay by themself for their ads, while we charge them Management Fees Only!


Our Idea came from many cases we found with our clients that the experienced low results and costly digital campaigns before, and we came with best challenging solution in the market, Pay By Your Self!

What We Do

As Specialized Agency with Online and Digital Marketing Solutions we provide as a summary the following solutions:


- Google Advertising 

- Web and Website Development

- Mobile Application Development

- Facebook Advertising

- Instagram Advertising

- Snapchat Advertising

- LinkedIn Advertising

- TikTok Advertising


- SMS Marketing

- Graphic Design Services

- EN AR Translation Services